9000 Series Slot Drain®

The Strongest and Most Durable Drain Series

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7000 Series Slot Drain®

Sleek, Linear, Virtually Invisible Drainage Line

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6000 Series Slot Drain®

Suitable for Shallow Depth Requirements

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Why Slot Drain®?

Before Slot Drain®, grating, trench drains and four-sloped floors were the standards.

Slot Drain® changed surface drainage forever by providing the first pre-sloped, prefabricated drain system. The linear slot eliminates traditional grates that can be weak, trap bacteria and are difficult to clean. Slot Drain® is applicable wherever floor or ground surfaces are subject to fluids, or have frequent cleaning requirements.

Applications By Market Sector

Slot Drain® has been installed successfully in hundreds of applications, satisfying customers and construction professionals alike.

Slot Drain® is designed for numerous market sectors. Slot Drain® is made to suit your special requirements. Slot Drain® provides drainage solutions that are durable, sanitary, aesthetically appealing, easy to clean, load class rated, corrosion and temperature resistant, ADA Compliant and odour eliminating.

Welcome to Slot Drain®

Benefits of Using Slot Drain ®


  • Durable (No grating to break/bend/replace). Slot Drain is CSA certified forklift friendly and can handle weight beyond Load Class F (heavy duty suitable for airport traffic).
  • Sanitary (No grating to maintain or trap contaminants)
  • Cost effective
  • Quick and easy to install (Drain sections arrive fully assembled)
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Environmentally sound
  • T-Sections, 90° and 45° elbows allow drain sections to go anywhere they are desired
  • Can be accommodated to handle process water as well, eliminating extra piping, trenching and backfilling, which is time consuming and costly.
  • Eliminates forming and screeding
  • Flush valves can be added, in order to flush the drain sections, keeping them clean, sanitary and sediment free
If you specify high quality drainage systems, specify slot drain! Several advantages over trench drain/grated systems.
Building Owners
Made to fit your building. We provide a cost effective and maintenance friendly drainage system to you.
Easy to install, less labour, fewer callbacks.
Slot Drain is one-piece, built-in sloped, open floor drain / surface drain system with a linear slot on top,